Systemically Anti-Racist - Part 2

Part of: "Systemically Anti-Racist" CD Album - Teaching CD

Have you heard America called a “systemically racist” nation? This belief is an absolute lie. Learn the true, inspiring story of America in the Systemically Anti-Racist TV series from Andrew Wommack Ministries. America is not a perfect nation, but it is one that puts its trust in God and has become a beacon of hope and freedom for nations around the world. Equip yourself with the truth and be prepared to refute the untrue and unfair attacks leveled against our country.

In this series, airing November 15–26 on The Gospel Truth television show, Andrew interviews historians David and Tim Barton. Take a journey into U.S. history as the Bartons explain America’s beginnings and the real history of the slave trade. Discover what the original draft of the Declaration of Independence says about slavery and how this document affected ideas about freedom all around the world.

Through this series, you’ll discover why America is actually “systemically anti-racist.” Learn the ways in which God-fearing people chose to stand up to put a stop to some of the atrocities in America’s history, such as dealings with Native Americans and the slave trade. You’ll be encouraged as you see how a perfect God used imperfect people to do amazing things, and you’ll be reminded of many reasons to be thankful for America.

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