Reflections of Intimacy Journal - Blue Booklet


Do you crave intimacy with God but don't know where to start? Have you ever wondered which verses to meditate on or how to keep them fresh in your mind?

Reflections of Intimacy is a one-month journal that will gently guide you in a closer walk with the Lord no matter how busy you are. It includes:

 • A new verse for each day, paired with meaningful questions to help you retain and deepen your revelation
 • Guided journaling prompts to help you hear God speaking personally to you through each scripture
 • Several blank pages where you can capture your thoughts, prayers, and insights for later meditation or to share with others

Reflections of Intimacy makes it simple to spend time with the Lord and carry His Word in your heart regardless of where the day takes you or how little time you have. If you'd like to make intentional progress in your relationship with the Lord, Reflections of Intimacy is for you!

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