Healing Journeys Volume 8


Are you searching for your healing? Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions? Why am I not healed yet? What's taking so long? Have I done all the right things? or What am I missing? If so, you're not alone.

Be encouraged by the healing testimonies on Healing Journeys Volume 8. The five people on this DVD found their supernatural healing, not by doing and saying all the right things, but by hearing from the Holy Spirit—the one thing they had been missing.

• Vonya—a nurse losing her fight against cancer
• Michael—a little boy suffering from extreme food allergies and asthma
• Jeremiah—a Charis Bible College student ready to die from the pain of multiple sclerosis
• Colleen—a businesswoman bedridden with incurable back pain
• Allyson—a college student wearing a wig to hide her shame of alopecia universalis

What they learned is now yours on this DVD. Be encouraged by these incredible, true stories, and know that what God has done for them, He will do for you!

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