Biblical Worldview: Socialism

Socialism is full of promises—free food, clothes, education, welfare, healthcare, etc. But does it really deliver on its promises?

Biblical Worldview: Socialism, the third installment in the Biblical Worldview box-set curriculum series, exposes what socialism really is and equips you to confidently respond to false claims and challenging discussions about it.

It is made up of fourteen power-packed video lessons that include instructor lessons, instructor roundtable discussions, and Q&A-style panel discussions with socialism survivors. It's perfect for individual or group study.

Andrew Wommack and subject matter experts William "Bill" Federer, Alex McFarland, Bob McEwen, E.W. Jackson, David and Tim Barton, and Abraham Hamilton III present a biblical response to the dangerous philosophy called socialism. You will witness firsthand the alarming consequences of this economic system from socialism survivors.

Through the Biblical Worldview: Socialism curriculum, you will:
• Get an extensive overview of socialism: what it represents, historical facts regarding its development, and the major figures behind it.
• Examine socialism's track record of failure and harm to the human race.
• Understand how socialist ideas have gained a foothold in America today.
• Explore why interest in socialism constantly arises.
• Hear the instructors' responses to common arguments in favor of Marxist and socialist theories.
• Discover why these philosophies are incompatible with Scripture (and America).
• Learn how the destructive reach of socialism can be combatted.
• Empower yourself to help others steer clear of the seduction of socialism.
• Be equipped to defend your faith with confidence.

Don't be without this authoritative resource that will prepare you to respond to the challenging discussions centering on socialism! Biblical Worldview: Socialism will help you defend your faith with confidence and discover the freedom that comes from applying the principles of God's Word to culture, government, and economics.
For a limited time, you'll receive Alex McFarland's book, The Assault on America, with your Biblical Worldview purchase. Limit one per household.

 Biblical Worldview installment is sold separately.

Technical features:
Format: 1 kit containing: 1 workbook, 1 USB drive with audio of all the lessons, Access to an online course platform that includes fourteen video lessons, Q&As, and more; plus downloadable/printable PDFs of the workbook materials.

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