Gospel Truth Journal


It's easy to hear a good message or read an insightful teaching but then get busy with life and forget it. When revelation hits, you don't want to be scrambling for a scratch sheet of paper that's easy to misplace or trying to scribble down notes in your Bible's margin. To help you get the most out of Andrew's teachings, the Gospel Truth Journal is just what you need!

Whether you are reading one of Andrew's booklets, watching/listening to a Gospel Truth episode, or attending one of his conferences, this journal is the perfect place to keep track of the revelations, insights, and scriptures you'll want to recall for real personal growth:

This unique journal gives you space to write down key scriptures and prayers from up to twenty-nine different book titles or teachings. It also includes specific questions you can answer to help spark deeper revelation or enhance your study time.



Number of Pages: 64

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