Seven Steps to Victory

Live DVD Album

Have you ever been in a fight or a struggle where you didn’t have the tools or ability to win? Victory was probably impossible! Did you know that God would not put you in a fight if He had not already given you everything you needed to win. Just like God gave the Israelites seven key steps that helped them be victorious in battle, those same instructions can work for you.

In Andrew’s teaching Seven Steps to Victory, learn how to trust in God, get in the battle, see the victory, and fight with all your might.

In this transformational message, you’ll learn how to:

  • Rise up against challenges,
  • Take the journey God has called you to,
  • See God’s victory in your heart,
  • Take possession of what God provided, and
  • Stand against the enemy until you win.

Put yourself in position to engage the enemy and see in your heart that the Lord has already given you victory.

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