The Believer's Authority

Live DVD | 5 DVDs

Like it or not, every one of us is in a spiritual war. God is for us, and the devil is against us. The one we cooperate with is the one who will control us. You can't be discharged from the service in this war, and ignorance of its extent only aids the enemy. The enemy loves to work covertly, using his only weapon, deception. In this teaching, Andrew exposes this war and the enemy for what he is.

DVD 1:  The Believer’s Authority I
DVD 2:  The Believer’s Authority II
DVD 3:  The Believer’s Authority III
DVD 4:  The Believer’s Authority IV
DVD 5:  The Believer’s Authority V

This DVD album was recorded live at the Atlanta 2009 Gospel Truth Seminar. Each DVD contains one teaching session.

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