Living in God's Best

5 CDs

Have you settled for less than God's best? If you have, you'll never receive it always looking for a miracle. It's time you learned how to walk in the blessing of God.


Don't Settle for Less
Have you settled for less than God's best? If you have, you're not alone. Listen as Andrew explains the reason so many believers are living in mediocrity and afraid to raise their expectations.

Crisis and Miracles
When you're in a crisis and you hope for a miracle, is that God's best? Or could there be a way to avoid the crisis in the first place? The answer to this question will change the way you relate to God.

The Blessing of God
Is the blessing of God a beautiful home, a new car, or a good job? Is it a life without hardship and disappointment? What is the blessing exactly? This is key to receiving God's best.

The Power of Words
What will your future look like if the words you're speaking come true? Could the life you're now living be a reflection of past confessions? It's time to consider the power of your words.

God's Word = God's Blessing
In this message, Andrew speaks about the Word of God like an irrevocable contract between God and man. But in this contract, only God is held to the performance clause. Learn more.

This CD album was recorded live at the Houston 2011 Gospel Truth Seminar.

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