How to Fulfill God's Will

5 CDs

Once you've found God's will for you and begun to follow it, then comes the part where you fulfill it! But there is a right way and a wrong way for making that happen. Andrew explains all that and more.


Learn to Obey
What role does obedience play in fulfilling God's will in your life? Is the Bible talking about holiness as the qualification for serving God, or is there more? Listen as Andrew explains.

Run with Patience
People often believe that patience or waiting on the Lord is like waiting for a bus. However, the Word of God defines it differently. To fulfill your destiny, you must understand this.

What about Your Values?
What do you value most, and what does that have to do with fulfilling God's will in your life? In this message, you will learn why the answer to the second depends greatly on the answer to the first.

We live in a culture that has diminished the value of thankfulness and appreciation. Yet it's an essential key in finding, following, and fulfilling God's will for your life.

Hope and Imagination
Few understand the role that imagination plays in the fulfillment of destiny. Scripture often refers to the subject in a negative light. But, as you will learn, God-inspired imagination fuels hope for the future.

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