God's Kind of Love Through You

6 DVDs

Once you understand how much God loves you, it will compel you to allow God's love to flow through you. However, there are many misunderstandings about what that means and how to do it. This series will help.


Week 1:  The Greatest of These Is Love / You Can't Give What You Don't Have
Week 2:  You Can't Give What You Don't Have / Could I Be the Problem?
Week 3:  If Not Me, Then Who? / Dealing with Offenses
Week 4:  Dealing with Offenses / Dealing with Offenses When All Else Fails
Week 5:  Forgiveness, Isn't There a Limit? / Self-Centeredness
Week 6:  Self-Centeredness / Jesus Is Our Example

This DVD album was recorded from the Gospel Truth TV broadcast. Each DVD contains one week of programming. Please note that while they do cover the same material as a CD album, they are not exactly the same.

Other teachings in this series