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The Heart of Christmas tells the life story of Ruth, who is an orphan survivor of the 2nd World War. Her very first Christmas gift, is a precious book that will become an heirloom for her family in generations to come - The Servant King. 

The book recounts the remarkable story of the Persian wiseman Zargon, and his faithful servant Mustafa, on their search to find the King of the Jews who should be born in Bethlehem. As they embark on the arduous quest, the modern day families are brought back in Biblical time, to experience with them some of the most defining moments in the history of mankind.

Package includes: The Servant Kind coffee table book, The Servant Kind music CD, The Heart of Christmas DVD, The Heart of Christmas Music CD.

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Christmas is approaching fast and what better way is there to celebrate  this season of giving than to give a life changing book to a loved one? Buy one of the 16 books below and we will send you an additional free copy of the same teaching* that you can gift your loved ones with!

*Offer expires December 15, 2021

Titles: The True Nature of God, How to Become a Water Walker, Don't Limit God, New You & The Holy Spirit A Better Way to Pray, Sharper than a Two-Edged Sword, Excellence, Vous l’avez déjà!, Le Nouveau Vous Et Le Saint-Esprit, La Vraie Nature De Dieu, Le Conflit est Terminé and more..

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