Ungodly Anger's Source

Part of: "Anger Management" CD Album

It is human nature to blame others for our own faults. Most people believe anger is the product of what others do to them. But it's not. It's what's inside of us that makes us angry. That's actually a liberating truth. If people are the reason we're angry, then we can never be free. Satan will always have enough willing vessels to keep an endless parade of people coming our way who will hit our hot buttons. The key to overcoming ungodly anger is to know how to get rid of your buttons.

This teaching on overcoming ungodly anger are one of the most important revelations the Lord has ever shown Andrew. In fact, this is the basic thing the Lord revealed to Andrew about himself on that eventful night of March 23, 1968 that forever changed his life. Thousands have discovered a totally new way of overcoming anger through this teaching.

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