Let Freedom Reign

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Each course contains 8 lessons, a syllabus, and an exam.

If you'd like to study with your spouse or a family member, special discounts are available for those who reside at the same address. You will receive a USB/DVD course to share, and a syllabus and exam for each enrolled student.

For more information about the Correspondence Program, please visit www.charisbiblecollege.ca/distance-learning.


Course Description:

When we talk about freedom, it means different things to different people. For the majority of believers, freedom in a Christian's life is only achieved through great sacrifice and hard work.

When we have sacrificed and laboured long and hard enough, we are ultimately rewarded with freedom; freedom from sin or freedom from bondage such as from drugs, alcohol, pornography or whatever we perceive freedom to be. In this teaching we will discover that freedom in the New Testament is a gift. Whenever you study the subject of freedom, as seen in the New Testament, there is a fundamental reality that we must understand about true freedom; in Christ we are all born free.

Instructor: Arthur Meintjes

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