Choose Life! - Biblical Answers to Abortion Resources Kit

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Addressing abortion is something many Christians aren’t prepared for. This resource will educate you on the hard facts about abortion and give you a biblical perspective on it

This special resource contains a DVD with a week’s worth of Gospel Truth broadcasts, and the Observing All Things booklet. It also has a flash drive containing all of the following resources: video and audio teachings from Observing All Things on abortion, extended interviews from current shows and testimonies relating to Roe v. Wade, a .pdf file of the chapter on abortion from the Christian Philosophy book, a .pdf file of abortion statistics from the Observing All Things booklet, and a web link to other resources. Several additional stories and testimonies related to abortion are included as well. You will be equipped to speak up for the unborn, who don’t have a voice.

Week of Gospel Truth TV programs aired on January 16 - January 20, 2017.


Other teachings in this series

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