Making Cents USB

Product Description


This product—Making Cents—is a must-have tool to help you walk out your financial life according to God’s plan for stewardship.

Paul encourages us, “We need to develop a stewardship, not an ownership, mentality. The Bible teaches us that God is the owner
and we are His stewards. An owner provides, while a steward preserves. A steward will increase the value of the owner’s assets
with an attitude of passionate commitment. In today’s culture, we are enamored with being the owner, the boss, and doing our own
thing. But in the economics of the kingdom of God, He is the only one qualified to be the owner. Our Scripture reading today asks the
question who, then, is that faithful and wise steward, not who is that faithful and wise owner. Determine today to be a faithful steward
and leave the ownership to God.”

Basic Cents is a money-management software program developed by Paul Milligan, the CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and an
entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful corporations. Paul is also a minister of the Gospel and has revelation of stewardship
in the kingdom of God.