Healing Journeys Volume II

There is nothing more powerful than a miracle testimony. Jesus and His disciples used them to confirm that the words they spoke were truth. They will build your faith to receive your own healing and help you minister healing to others.


These are five stories of the power of God's Word working in the lives of people. Each came to understand what God had already done for them through Jesus. They will touch your heart.

Ken Wood
A head-on collision, the jaws of life, and thirty-one days in the ICU. The injuries were so extensive that Ken should have died. But his wife Virginia believed God, and a healing journey began. 

Carol Odenwald
Had Carol sunk into an earthly pit so deep and dark that even Jesus' arms could not rescue her? At 290 pounds, with a history of drugs, multiple abortions, and abuse, if He couldn't, she knew she would die. 

Scott Forsyth 
At twelve years old, Scott was diagnosed with a rare disease. He had Barrett's Esophagus, a life-threatening condition unheard of in children. The story of a little girl's miracle opened the door to his healing. 

Merci Santos
Merci's multiple sclerosis progressively worsened. Unable to work, drive, or even walk, she had come to the end. "What am I doing wrong, Lord? Why am I not healed?" The answer would change her life. 

Trover Family 
The ultrasound showed fluid on the brain, flattened facial features, calcium deposits in the heart, and more—all symptoms of Down's syndrome. Doctor's recommendation—abort. But then, God!

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