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The full year includes all 3 terms, 39 courses in all, recorded live at Charis Bible College Colorado. Each course contains 8 lessons, a syllabus, and an exam.

If you'd like to study with your spouse or a family member, special discounts are available for those who reside at the same address. You will receive a set of USB/DVD courses to share, and syllabi and exams for each enrolled student.

For more information about the Correspondence Program, please visit www.charisbiblecollege.ca/distance-learning.


Courses included in the Full Year:

Term 1

A Sure Foundation I / II by Andrew Wommack
Holy Spirit I by Wendell Parr
Bible Covenants by Lawson Perdue
Introduction to the Bible by Barry Bennett
Discipleship Evangelism I by Barry Bennett
Excellence in Ministry by Greg Mohr
The Basics of Righteousness I / II by Andrew Wommack
Holy Spirit II by Wendell Parr
Romans by Lawson Perdue
Finally, My Brethren by Delron Shirley
What Faith Is & How to Live by It by Dan Funkhouser
Holy Spirit III by Wendell Parr
The Heart (Essence) of the Gospel by Arthur Meintjes

Term 2
Relationship with God I / II by Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey I by Wendell Parr
Galatians by Barry Bennett
Basic Bible Doctrines by Lawson Perdue
The Ministry of Jesus I by Barry Bennett
Relationship with God III / IV by Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey II by Wendell Parr
Discipleship Evangelism II by Barry Bennett
Old Testament Survey III by Wendell Parr
Your Home Can Survive in the 21st Century by Delron Shirley
The First Book of John by Lawson Perdue
Essential Truths of the New Testament by Arthur Meintjes
Fruit of the Spirit by Greg Mohr

Term 3
Receiving from God I / II by Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey IV by Wendell Parr
Ministry of Jesus II by Barry Bennett
The Beatitudes by Bob Yandian
In Christ Realities by Lawson Perdue
Discipleship Evangelism III by Barry Bennett
Receiving from God III / IV by Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey V by Wendell Parr
Let Freedom Reign by Arthur Meintjes
Old Testament Survey VI by Wendell Parr
Israel: Key to Human Destiny by Delron Shirley
Healing by Barry Bennett
Prayer Minister Training by Daniel Amstutz & Carlie Terradez

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