Power and Life in the Word - Lawson Perdue

Paperback Book | 124 pages
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The Word of God is full of promises; promises for our health, our safety, our prosperity and our peace; promises for every area of life.

But just knowing those promises exist is not enough. If we don't understand what Grace has provided for us; if we don't posses an accurate picture of who God is; we can hinder the power and life of God's Word from producing a harvest in our life.

In the Power and Life of the Word learn how to change the picture on the inside, so you see a harvest of the promises of God in life.

124 pages. 

About the author, Lawson Perdue: Lawson and his wife, Barbara, are the senior pastors of Charis Christian Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pastor Lawson teaches the Bible in a practical way focusing on grace and faith. They also have a strong emphasis on missions and equipping the believers to fulfill their God-given destiny. 

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